Encryption Protects Your Data

Events have shown that no encryption method is absolutely secure. With enough time and resources, ANY encryption method can be defeated. But good encryption will defeat all but the most determined (and financially resourced) intruders.

InterBack uses an encryption methodology that is very difficult to crack... provided you use some basic precautions. First, protect your password; don't let it be known to anyone who you do not completely trust. Secondly, use a "weird" password which is a combination of nonsensical letters and numbers like "b7b54x2". The most common way of cracking encryption is to guess the password or key through a dictionary search, testing all words and names in the English language, and all number combinations, so mixing things up will make it very difficult for them. Don't use your name or other publicly available information in your password.

Once you have a good password, don't forget it; the encryption will stymie you as much as it will a computer hacker. Write your InterBack password down or store it securely if you cannot remember it. Keep in mind that your backups are remotely stored, so a thief would have to find your password, and then find and access your backup data files. Not likely.

In all but extreme situations it would be much easier for a snooper to acess your data directly (by breaking into your office and accessing your PCs) than by cracking your InterBack backup files.

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