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Never Lose Your Valuable Data

Now, you can backup your valuable data to an Internet site(s) anywhere in the world! Your critical computer files will be safely and securely stored off-site. Your important files are backed up automatically; anytime, while you do other things! When you suffer a data loss, you can get your files back easily! Why risk your valuable data when secure backup is easy and affordable?

InterBack is the solution that automates the entire backup process for you. Your files are encrypted (scrambled and password protected), cataloged, and transferred off-site without human involvment. When you need them, backup files will be available.

The InterBack process is called "Remote Backup" and it is not new. Large "mainframe" computers have been remotely backed up for years. Only recently has the right combination of hardware and software become available to make remote backup a reality for personal computer (PC) users like you.

Whether you want to back up your own computers, or if you have an internet host and want to provide this valuable service for others, InterBack is the reliable, affordable, secure solution!

InterBack(TM) for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003

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Isn't it risky to transfer my data over the internet?

You Don't Need Special Equipment to Use InterBack.


Without InterBack(tm) remote backup, you don't have secure protection for your valuable data. It's just sitting there, in your computer, at the mercy of the next thief, catastrophe, power surge, hacker, goof-up, or virus.

You could be one of the thousands of computer users that lose data every day. Lose it forever!

End your anxiety. When using InterBack, you don't have to worry about losing your data. Missed backups, bad tapes/diskettes, and wasted time are things of the past. You won't become a victim; secure off-site backups occur automatically. Your valuable files are securely backed up off-site... and NOBODY has to rotate the tapes or diskettes. And, you don't need special equipment, just an Internet connection.

Try InterBack for 30-days RISK FREE and take advantage of our special offer. Trying it will cost you nothing; not trying it could cost you all of your valuable data! Order Now! Don't join the thousands who lose their data... join the thousands who are securing their data every day!

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