Ultimate Security for Your Valuable Data

You won't spend a lot of time setting up and operating InterBack(TM). InterBack is reliable and easy to use. Use InterBack to backup selected directories or specific files. You can backup your data while you browse the web, while you read your e-mail, or even when you are soundly sleeping! Once InterBack is setup, you can stop worrying about your data and spend time doing other things. When you suffer a data loss, your backup files will be waiting for you!

InterBack comes with several modules that make using it straight-forward and simple.

The compression module lets you easily create and save backup file sets. Select the files or folders you want, select the compression options you want, then let InterBack compress the files to a fraction of their original size! InterBack compresses in standard zip format! You can use InterBack to unzip files created with other popular zip programs, and zip files created with InterBack can be unzipped with those other zip programs. Many zip-only programs cost more than InterBack, and zip compression is only one of InterBack's features!

InterBack's encryption module is they key to keeping your files secure. InterBack uses the US governments Data Encryption Standard (DES) algorithm to ensure your files are secure. DES has been used by financial institutions, defense agencies, and others for twenty years. It has proved itself safe from hackers! In fact, DES is so strong that the US government restricts its export outside the US and Canada. When you use InterBack's DES module, your files are safe - even on the Internet. But, InterBack goes one step further by employing Triple-DES! Your files are encrypted three times with the powerful DES encryption algorithm! InterBack use your personal encryption key to ensure nobody else has access to your files!

InterBack's transfer module lets you easily transfer your files to and from a host, or hosts, of your choice. InterBack uses the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) that is widely used across the Internet. A simple, and complete user interface makes transfers and file maintenance on your PC and your InterBack host easy. Plus you can use the InterBack's FTP transfer module to get files from, or send them to any of the thousands of FTP servers on the Internet.

The automation module lets you backup files anytime; day or night. Set it up, and forget it! The files you select are automatically, zipped, encrypted and transferred to your host while you do other things - like sleep! You schedule once, and InterBack will run your backup event at the interval you select. You can setup five unique events for different file groups if you wish.

InterBack also tracks your activities, and keeps a log that you can view or print. You don't have to remember what you did and when. InterBack's log shows you. Stop wasting time cataloging tapes or diskettes (and hoping they're good). Plus, with InterBack, you can automatically retrieve file lists from your host computer(s) so you know exactly what files are backed up, and when.

Don't be fooled by imitations; InterBack is the premier Internet backup system. Order InterBack Today! Enjoy the peace of mind of secure off-site backup..

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