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You've heard it, and we've heard it; "The Internet is not a safe place for private information." Well, it's true, and that is why InterBack has such a great encryption routine built into it. Here's what a potential hacker would have to accomplish to get to your InterBack stored data.

  • First, they would need to know where (on the Internet) your files are stored. Unless you tell, they won't know, and the Internet is a very big place to start guessing. Sure someone can search, but your InterBack encrypted data doesn't look like data to any search engine.
  • Let us assume somebody knows your data is located on a particular host computer. If you use a good password for your host logon you just terminated the success of 99.9% of all potential hackers. That's before they even find your file listings.
  • Let us further assume that someone has found, and has access to your Internet host account. They are now faced with the dilemma of cracking triple-DES (Data Encryption Standard) encrypted data files. That's an extremely difficult and costly task, unless you give them your encrption key. Even the owner of the host computer where you store your InterBack files cannot access your data!

    If you are wondering how good the 168 bit triple-DES encryption used in InterBack is, check this link:

  • RSA Fact Sheet on DES.

    InterBack uses a triple-encrypt implementation of DES. Your data is encrypted three times with the DES algorithm before it ever leaves your PC!

    How difficult would all of this be for a potential hacker? VERY! Not to mention illegal under US federal law. Unless you keep your computers in a bank vault, it would be much easier for a potential snooper to break in and access your data directly.

    InterBack is not for everybody! Events have shown that most any encryption algorithms can be breached by a determined and financially supported hacker. Here is a little test that you can use to see if it is safe for you to use InterBack.

  • Would it be worth more than $300,000 for a potential hacker to invest to try to get your data?
  • Do you have competitors, or other non-friendlies who have unlimited access, and the skill to use, a supercomputer (a superfast computer the kind which only a limited number of government agenies, universities, and large corporations have)?

    If you can answer yes to either of the above, then InterBack is probably not a secure solution for you unless you are using it to backup directly to a computer you control.

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