InterBack(TM) Downloads

    Download your evalution copy of InterBack for Windows95/NT/98/ME/2000/XP

File size is 5.1MB. Approximate download times are:
30 minutes @ 28.8kbps
18 minutes @ 56kbps

The file is a self running installation program. Download it to any folder on your PC, then just double-click on the icon. After the InterBack installation is complete you can remove this downloaded file, or share it with a friend.

We're upgrading InterBack as you read this! If you've already downloaded and installed the full version, check your version under Help=>About InterBack. The latest release is version 1.75

Contact Edge Publishing if you are a registered user using a release earlier than 1.75 to receive a free upgrade. Due to the strong DES encryption used in the registered version of InterBack, United States export regulations do not allow us to post a readily available link to the full version software.

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